There’s been a whole era of platformers, and, as we see in mobile gaming, it’s still here. But there’s rarely such a cult platform game as Geometry Dash. Deprived of any absurd stories so common in these games, it’s a pure geometry domain, with sharp shapes acting and counteracting.

The game is exceptionally simple in controls; one only needs to click, tap, or press any key to make its cubic character jump. You just need to make it through to the finish of the level, but it’s not easy. You need to be extremely precise at any given moment to complete your mission.

But what makes this game a pop phenomenon is its level editor. Maybe it’s too dull just to go through the levels someone premade for you. But it’s much more fun to create your own, and see how others fight them! As far as we know, there are millions of levels made by players themselves and available online.

Let’s speak honestly: Geometry Dash made such a cult for a reason. It does represent a certain class of games that require hardcore stubbornness. It’s not the only one of this kind, but it combines all we love about these Super Meat Boys or Guacamelees. Hard and uncompromising, trying your patience and response, and impossible to give up.

If you love these abstract platformers, then you probably:

  • Feel a bit like an old-school gamer

  • Ready to try again and again to get through

  • Feel the essence of abstract gaming back to the Golden Era

  • Look deeper beyond the common fashion

  • React quickly

That’s what you manifest by confessing that you love Geometry Dash. And why not express it in your working place design?

Yes, the app is available both for Windows and for mobile platforms like iOS or Android. But it doesn’t matter. You may use it on your computer, or connect your keyboard and mouse via a dock station like Dex. Still, the game expresses what kind of person you are, so come on, keep that up in your accessories!