Geometry Dash

  • Developer: RobTop Games
  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date Dec 22, 2014
Developer RobTop Games
Publisher RobTop Games
Genre Action, Indie
Language English
System Windows, Mac OS X
Version Release


Geometry Dash - Square and a bit Unfair

The phenomenon of Flappy Bird ushered a new genre into the gaming world - bloody difficult and infuriating games.

Supposedly Geometry Dash can be added to this genre as well, if it wasn't for one little detail: it's not stuck in the infinite loop of desperation and madness. There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I once knew a guy, he was a nice block...

Geometry Dash has no back-story and no plotline. And doesn't even have a tutorial that kindly and carefully holds your hand until you can stand on your feet in this quirky dimension of impeccable geometric shapes.

No, and in fact, you don't need any prompting - the flow of the game is wildly instinctive. And as the Little Square's adventure begins, you know everything you need to know. Jump, float, dodge the "bullets" in the form of deadly obstacles, gears, spikes, and pitfalls. Don't bump into anything and transform into a spaceship. Sometime.

At first, the gameplay seems to be smooth and even a little unambitious, but don't be deluded. There's a rule in the Chinese philosophy - never underestimate your enemy. And you should never underestimate Geometry Dash. Because the tempo of the game and barriers that tend to catch you by surprise will give you no time to be arrogant.

You have no control over how speedily the Lil Square slides and its speed increases a bit with each level thus challenging your ability to concentrate and react like a well-seasoned Okinawa ninja. The game's pace won't go easy on you and won't have mercy. Actually, it'll take you a good deal of retries to beat the final levels.

But don't be discouraged. The game doesn't intend to ruin your self-esteem and kill the buzz. As soon as you sharpen your skills and learn how to turn your attention into a deadly laser beam, you'll be surprised by how good you can be at Geometry Dash. RobTop, the team behind Geometry Dash game, observe the subtle, almost ghostly balance between "Pssh, the game is a joke" and "Screw you guys, I'm going home!" extremities.

Another pleasing nuance is that levels aren't agonizingly long - every single one takes about half a minute max to complete. And you can't imagine how gratifying the final moment of a level is, when you reach the finish line and bump the Block against a wall of glimmering light to turn it into an explosion of bright, glittery rays...

But be warned: just like an explosive expert you have no right to make a mistake.  Once you die - it's irreversible. No resurrection, no checkpoints - you'll have to start the entire level all over again.

The disco star

Geometry Dash review wouldn't be full without saying a few words about its visuals.

To be honest, they are probably the most ingenious part of the game. There are no luxurious backgrounds or intricate decorations.

No, instead the levels create themselves out of nothing, as you shoot through this bizarre Universe. It's the combination of rich and juicy but not toxic colors, put against a laconic black background. And then simple lines and shapes join the show, dancing together in an enigmatic cosmic ballet. And what's better, such a simple, creative approach allows even the relatively weak devices run the game with no lags or freezes.

As for the soundtrack - Geometry Dash music is one of the best OST's there is. It's a cocktail of music genres - mostly feel-good EDM with happy synths and catchy drums. Every level has a unique, inspirational composition that actually helps you concentrate better - all the moves you must perform are very rhythmical and require spotless timing. But sometimes it may betray you... (see Tips & Tricks).

All the controlling is reduced to the simple tapping the screen/keyboard keys. However be careful if you're playing it on your phone - if you keep a finger on the screen for too long, the game will decide that you want to do a double jump, which may ruin your chances for success.

The game runs on:

  • Android.

  • iOS.

  • Windows Phone.

  • Mac OS.

  • Windows.

Geometry Dash download is available for free, but tireless pop-ups won't give you time to catch a breath. If you really enjoy the game, investing $1.99 would save a ton of your time and nerves. Besides, there are no other paywalls or microtransactions.

Tips & tricks

1) Sound off - perhaps the game's music deserves its own vinyl release. But tapping to the beat might be a disaster sometimes. It is recommended to use the visual hints only, provided by the game. Plus, numerous retries will make the blazing beats an earsore.

2) Don't be greedy for coins - periodically you'll spot secret coins, put in hard-to-reach places. Don't go after them for it's an intentional trap. Even a natural-born virtuoso would be struggling to collect all of the coins.

3) Get the power-ups - they can make you fly higher, bounce better or decrease your size.

4) Rocket mode - try to keep the rocket in the middle of the screen for as long as you can.

5) Training - the Practice mode makes perfect. It allows you to get familiar with the trickiest parts of the game's levels. And although it doesn't count as legit progression, you'll be fully prepared to ace the real hardship when it comes.

Worth replaying?

Despite its toughness, the game is highly addictive because it puts you to the good test. Whenever you have a spare minute, it's guaranteed you'll be tempted to try yourself at Geometry Dash one more time. And then again. And again.

Although there are only 21 "normie" levels, you can try your luck and explore 40 million levels designed by the fan community. Some of them will pump your blood with adrenaline.


Geometry Dash is difficult but hooking. It'll let you obtain diamond will power, laser-like focus of attention and oddly agile fingers. It's worth its two bucks. And if you beat the game level by level non-stop, you'll qualify to pilot a jet fighter.


  • Overdosage of ads in the free version
  • Sometimes retrying is frustrating
  • Replaying turns the music into an ear poison
  • Mobile version controls require skills


  • Good difficulty balance
  • Humble tech requirements
  • Eye-catchy visuals
  • Blazing soundtrack
  • Abundance of fandom-powered levels
Gameplay controls