Well, do you want to show them all you’re into Geometry Dash? Its simple and sharp shapes are easy to recognize. So when you take your laptop out and connect a mouse, putting it on your mousepad, it’s obvious what you’re into. That’s a great way to attract attention and start conversations if you’re in a social mood. And it grants that those who notice that have something in common with you.

Besides that, it’s just beautiful. The game consists of pure geometrical objects, organized so they make sense in gaming interaction. When put on any surface statically, they make a picture good enough for abstractionist painters.

Well, there’s no need to talk you into that, so we assume you already want to let it show. So what we got in store with Geometry Dash merchandise?

  • Geometry Dash customized keyboard     

  • Geometry Dash customized mouse                                        

  • Geometry Dash customized mousepad       

You can flash these both at your home (guests will appreciate, assuming you don’t let accidental people in) and wherever you unfold your laptop. Well, even those not familiar with Geometry Dash will see that you got gaming on your mind and you ain’t afraid to show it.

Write or call us to learn the most actual info on pricing and delivery. It’s easier than driving your cube to the end of the level!


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