How to Make a Boss Battle in Geometry Dash – Tutorial

Boss Battle is a fun and creative adjustment inside Geometry Dash. You can create bosses and make hero’s life miserable. And the coolest thing is that you need to make your own mechanics to pass the game.


How to make boss battle in geometry dash on your own

The main attraction of this level is that you can actually make all bosses yourself. There are simple tools inside the game, packed behind the image of a toolbox in the menu, where you can choose standard bosses images or build with separate blocks.

Manual is easy. There is a head of boss that you already picked in the center of desktop, and you can enlarge it by clicking on icons with "+" or "-" pictures. Select color of boss and build its special powers. Choose the distance between character and boss. In the Setup Move Command, click X if you want the distance to remain the same, and Y means the character can coming closer to the boss.

Navigation is very easy and right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is to click on the icons. Switch behind blocks to create the monster itself and later the laser or fire from the mouth. You can control the length of the laser, add spikes or fires. To make it harder, use invisibility mode to hide lasers or spikes. Add the music inside, so it would look more atmospheric and epic.

For the next bosses, you can become more creative. Bosses can throw everything from their mouth from flames of fire, colored by you in different shades to keys. Who does not want to see keys flying from a dragon's head? Don’t forget that you can also change the background color if you like.

If you want to make it more complicated, add shooters to geometry dash boss mode, triggered by the move or spawn. You can control the speed of their reaction and their accommodation.

Don’t forget to put a dragon in one line with a character, if you want him to follow his victim. But it does not have to follow you all the way. Two repeats will be enough. Choose this option in setup move command.

You can always create your unique boss battle, get inspired by others or pick one from top 10 boss fights geometry dash. There are so many options created by various players.

This Boss Battle was made by player named KingRob. The level was made in 2.0 version to make the game more interesting and complicated:

  • The first boss has a normal speed, which does not help a lot, but at least you can train. The background is dark red. It shoots 2 saw blades, 5 spikes with the fire on the ends, and a whole line of fire in the finale.

  • The second boss has a normal speed as well. It’s background is blue. Everything gets more challenging. First half of shoots goes to random directions, and if you want to live, it is better fly in the middle, but don’t forget to catch coins, lifting higher and back immediately. Two coins in the area.

  • The third boss is on the fast speed. The background color is red. Boss shoots in diagonals. There are smaller monsters that appear randomly, from ceiling and floor. To complete the level, pass a gap in the wall.


The main goal is to make it through gigantic head of a monster, which usually looks really like a dragon or T-Rex. Still, it depends on your fantasy limits. The task is complicated by the ability of the giant head to throw fire, ice, lasers at the main character, while this hero is already chased by different deadly objects randomly falling from skies. And that is not all. There is not just one, but three cruel bosses with special abilities in the game. Each of them exists on its own piece of map and waits for you.