Geometry Dash won’t launch on my gadget. Should I throw it to the window?

No way! Put your smartphone or tablet down and listen. With gadgets, such errors occur rarely and the solution is quite simple.

As for desktop version, for a Geometry Dash app, you also have to check the system requirements of the game first. If your phone or tablet runs the required OS and the game still doesn’t launch, let’s try another solving.

Sometimes, mobile games and apps stop working when you don’t have enough storage available. You can check the storage availability in your gadgets Settings menu. If you really don’t have enough place for the game to work properly, it’s time to make sacrifices. Try to clean your gadget with some kind of cleaner programs, thankfully, there are plenty of them on both the App Store and Play Market. You can also do it by yourself and delete unnecessary files manually.

That’s all for now. I hope that this article is useful and at least one of these Geometry Dash solutions will work for you!