Geometry Dash: Best Tips & Tricks 2019

Flappy Bird disappearance left an empty hollow in the hearts of million fans. There were only rumors and speculations on a possible successor. It is obvious that the new game will fill the niche in the market. So, when Geometry Dash was revealed, with a completely different theme and art, fans recognized a kindred spirit in a new wrapping.

Geometry Dash is addictive, light and easy to play. And still, there are small tips that can make the whole process of playing even more enjoyable. If you still don’t know what we are talking here about, go and download this masterpiece.

Why is the game so popular? For instance, it has colorful and beautiful graphics. While it may look like a small geometric shape bouncing back and force along the hostile environment. The thought is deeper. Turn on the sound, and enjoy steady progress, feel the rhythm and rise your scores.

Levels will not be as easy as it seems. That’s why you need guidance. No matter if you prefer Android or iOS, these Geometry Dash tips will make you a champion in this geometrical world.


There are no arguments on the greatness of the music in the game. It is cool, it is dynamic, it suits the atmosphere. However, there is one big disappointment to come.

Experienced gamers who spend all their free and not free time in the game, confess that the music actually distracts them. It was made specifically to help you, timing moves and jumps in the game. But it does not work this way. It mainly entertains you till you forget about the goal.

What to do? Turn off the music. Check if you become more successful in the game. If you are constantly losing, this is the first signal that you need to try playing without music. You can always turn it on again.

Leave practice behind

There is a practice option in Geometry Dash you may want to use. It is a good way to test yourself, to learn controls. However, you must be careful! The practice does not help with your progress. It was apparently made to enjoy the practice itself.

Of course, if your fingers are still weird on smartphone and can’t press a key or click, tap, and not coordinated at all, then this mode is exactly what you need. The progress will not be saved in the game, but you will have a possibility to restart the game from checkpoints of your choice. When you lose, you don’t have to come back to the beginning anymore.

Say “No” to cheats and hacks

Entering the name of this game into search engine opens up dozens of cheats and hacks propositions. Some of them promise you to slow down the whole gameplay, which could alleviate your road to victory. Well, some of them will really work.

Meanwhile, the biggest number of such offers is nothing more than a scam with malware attached. None of them is registered or protected. So, it is up to your choice whether you are willing to take such risks.

Play and replay

The best training you can get in the game is to replay it again. Every time you lose, the game sends you back to the beginning. Of course, after 5-6 times it feels more like a bad joke. You may feel bored with the game and leave it for good eventually.

But don’t jump quickly into conclusions about the game. It is just old school. We are spoiled with games that save our progress. This one offers you a chance to master skills by repeating.

It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity for extra training. Just remember Super Mario Bros.

Don’t rush with the paid version

Geometry Dash offers a light free version and also extended paid one. It is a common practice for such games. Good news is that you have a lot of things to do in the free version. There are many levels and no backup. If you lose, you go back to the start. You can check everything in the free game, and understand whether you want to pay for new levels or not.

You can’t buy a pig in a poke and hope there is a game you enjoy better than free one. Consider free version as a Geometry Dash guide. Don’t use pirate game previews, cause they can contain malicious software.

The secret of coins

After you begin to play the game, you may notice weird coins that you can pick up on every level. They are mysterious and hard to get, which makes it even more interesting. With your progress tasks are getting more and more complicated.

You don’t have to focus entirely on coins, since they are a pleasant bonus. Focus on the game instead, and pick coins later. When you find out your own rhythm and learn how to pass level, pick the coins.


Geometry Dash is a perfect way to spend your free time. Don’t get too excited as the game is really addictive. Focus on the main goal to become a winner and go for it.