Geometry Dash won’t launch on my gadget. Should I throw it to the window? No way! Put your smartphone or tablet down and listen. With gadgets, such errors occur rarely and the solution is quite simple. As for desktop version, for a Geometry Dash app, you also have to check the system requirements of the game first. If your phone or tablet runs the required OS and the game still doesn’t launch, let’s try another solving. Sometimes, mobile games and apps stop working when you don’t have enough storage available. You can check the storage availability in your gadgets Settings menu. If you really don’t have enough place for the game to work properly, it’s time to make sacrifices. Try to clean your gadget with some kind of cleaner programs, thankfully, there are plenty of them on both the App Store and Play Market. You can also do it by yourself and delete unnecessary files manually. That’s all for now. I hope that this article is useful and at least one of these Geometry Dash solutions will work for you!   Continue Reading Geometry Dash - How to install apk to Device safely Geometry Dash is an action, music-themed platform game which is named among the most popular entertainments in the modern world, based on the number of daily downloads. The gameplay is really simple, and you don’t have to do nothing more than moving the square through various dangers. One wrong step and player has to start from the very beginning. This means a lot of training, and its ability to work on any device. This apk can be installed freely and safely on all Android devices. You better use official web stores recommended by developers. This game is available for playing online, so you can save your phone memory and time you waste on downloading. It needs a space from 40MB to 60MB. Android devices and Geometry Dash Geometry Dash APK was made specifically to use on Android, so it supports every version starting with Android 2.3.2+. It is simply to install the latest edition of the game on your tool, so you could use it anywhere. It was made compact, so it saves plenty of memory space on your phone. Majority of people play Geometry Dash on their phones, installing this app straight on their Android devices. To set it up, you need to hold to these easy recommendations: Download the newest Geometry Dash apk documents on Android device. Save the directory with the data for later use. Be ready to allow downloading process from “unidentified source” or “unknown source”. For permitting the action, open setups on your Android device, and pick it in the Security Settings and allow downloading from unidentified resources. Open the apk document that you saved and press to install repeating after the shown on your display actions. This is actually it. The game is on your phone. You are welcome! Geometry Dash for Mac and PC If your phone does not build on Android system and you don’t like to waste your time on constantly opening internet browser just to play the game, you can simply install it on PC or MAC. Be Aware! Geometry Dash Free as a bird! If there is a price on the game, go to another source. Easy steps to fulfill: While GD was designed for Android, you’ll need an emulator to use it on your PC or MAC. There are multiple options and it’s up to your choice, but the most popular is Bluestacks Android Emulator. It suits for any Windows PC. After that, Geometry Dash download process on your MAC or PC will not take much time. Just use official websites. Install the app, by clicking on the apk and choosing the option “install on bluestacks”. The whole process does not take more than several minutes and now you can enter it any time you want. The compatible OS with Geometry Dash app: Windows7/8/10/Vista/XP, macOS Sierra/High Sierra, OS X 10.10/10.11, other versions of Mac. Geometry Dash for iOS and iPhone Download The last edition of Geometry Dash can be downloaded for free onto iOS various gadgets. Before downloading the game, players need to use the APK file format help. It is easy and quick: Download apk version offered on the official website. After a few minutes, apk data format downloading will be complete and you will be able to double click on the link that runs the app. Now click the box on unknown app installation to use Android tool and install the app on this iOS tool. Install the app on iPhone by choosing the installation process. Wait a couple of minutes until the process will be finished and start playing. After the installation process will be over, and icon of Geometry Dash will appear on iOS home screen, including iOS 7/8/9/10/11 versions. Enjoy this bright-colored action game for free. Pass levels of any complexity, listen to cool soundtracks and raise your speed as high as you want.  Quality of graphics is in a high resolution.   Continue Reading Geometry Dash: Best Tips & Tricks 2019 Flappy Bird disappearance left an empty hollow in the hearts of million fans. There were only rumors and speculations on a possible successor. It is obvious that the new game will fill the niche in the market. So, when Geometry Dash was revealed, with a completely different theme and art, fans recognized a kindred spirit in a new wrapping. Geometry Dash is addictive, light and easy to play. And still, there are small tips that can make the whole process of playing even more enjoyable. If you still don’t know what we are talking here about, go and download this masterpiece. Why is the game so popular? For instance, it has colorful and beautiful graphics. While it may look like a small geometric shape bouncing back and force along the hostile environment. The thought is deeper. Turn on the sound, and enjoy steady progress, feel the rhythm and rise your scores. Levels will not be as easy as it seems. That’s why you need guidance. No matter if you prefer Android or iOS, these Geometry Dash tips will make you a champion in this geometrical world. Music There are no arguments on the greatness of the music in the game. It is cool, it is dynamic, it suits the atmosphere. However, there is one big disappointment to come. Experienced gamers who spend all their free and not free time in the game, confess that the music actually distracts them. It was made specifically to help you, timing moves and jumps in the game. But it does not work this way. It mainly entertains you till you forget about the goal. What to do? Turn off the music. Check if you become more successful in the game. If you are constantly losing, this is the first signal that you need to try playing without music. You can always turn it on again. Leave practice behind There is a practice option in Geometry Dash you may want to use. It is a good way to test yourself, to learn controls. However, you must be careful! The practice does not help with your progress. It was apparently made to enjoy the practice itself. Of course, if your fingers are still weird on smartphone and can’t press a key or click, tap, and not coordinated at all, then this mode is exactly what you need. The progress will not be saved in the game, but you will have a possibility to restart the game from checkpoints of your choice. When you lose, you don’t have to come back to the beginning anymore. Say “No” to cheats and hacks Entering the name of this game into search engine opens up dozens of cheats and hacks propositions. Some of them promise you to slow down the whole gameplay, which could alleviate your road to victory. Well, some of them will really work. Meanwhile, the biggest number of such offers is nothing more than a scam with malware attached. None of them is registered or protected. So, it is up to your choice whether you are willing to take such risks. Play and replay The best training you can get in the game is to replay it again. Every time you lose, the game sends you back to the beginning. Of course, after 5-6 times it feels more like a bad joke. You may feel bored with the game and leave it for good eventually. But don’t jump quickly into conclusions about the game. It is just old school. We are spoiled with games that save our progress. This one offers you a chance to master skills by repeating. It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity for extra training. Just remember Super Mario Bros. Don’t rush with the paid version Geometry Dash offers a light free version and also extended paid one. It is a common practice for such games. Good news is that you have a lot of things to do in the free version. There are many levels and no backup. If you lose, you go back to the start. You can check everything in the free game, and understand whether you want to pay for new levels or not. You can’t buy a pig in a poke and hope there is a game you enjoy better than free one. Consider free version as a Geometry Dash guide. Don’t use pirate game previews, cause they can contain malicious software. The secret of coins After you begin to play the game, you may notice weird coins that you can pick up on every level. They are mysterious and hard to get, which makes it even more interesting. With your progress tasks are getting more and more complicated. You don’t have to focus entirely on coins, since they are a pleasant bonus. Focus on the game instead, and pick coins later. When you find out your own rhythm and learn how to pass level, pick the coins.   Geometry Dash is a perfect way to spend your free time. Don’t get too excited as the game is really addictive. Focus on the main goal to become a winner and go for it.   Continue Reading How to Make a Boss Battle in Geometry Dash – Tutorial Boss Battle is a fun and creative adjustment inside Geometry Dash. You can create bosses and make hero’s life miserable. And the coolest thing is that you need to make your own mechanics to pass the game.   How to make boss battle in geometry dash on your own The main attraction of this level is that you can actually make all bosses yourself. There are simple tools inside the game, packed behind the image of a toolbox in the menu, where you can choose standard bosses images or build with separate blocks. Manual is easy. There is a head of boss that you already picked in the center of desktop, and you can enlarge it by clicking on icons with "+" or "-" pictures. Select color of boss and build its special powers. Choose the distance between character and boss. In the Setup Move Command, click X if you want the distance to remain the same, and Y means the character can coming closer to the boss. Navigation is very easy and right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is to click on the icons. Switch behind blocks to create the monster itself and later the laser or fire from the mouth. You can control the length of the laser, add spikes or fires. To make it harder, use invisibility mode to hide lasers or spikes. Add the music inside, so it would look more atmospheric and epic. For the next bosses, you can become more creative. Bosses can throw everything from their mouth from flames of fire, colored by you in different shades to keys. Who does not want to see keys flying from a dragon's head? Don’t forget that you can also change the background color if you like. If you want to make it more complicated, add shooters to geometry dash boss mode, triggered by the move or spawn. You can control the speed of their reaction and their accommodation. Don’t forget to put a dragon in one line with a character, if you want him to follow his victim. But it does not have to follow you all the way. Two repeats will be enough. Choose this option in setup move command. You can always create your unique boss battle, get inspired by others or pick one from top 10 boss fights geometry dash. There are so many options created by various players. This Boss Battle was made by player named KingRob. The level was made in 2.0 version to make the game more interesting and complicated: The first boss has a normal speed, which does not help a lot, but at least you can train. The background is dark red. It shoots 2 saw blades, 5 spikes with the fire on the ends, and a whole line of fire in the finale. The second boss has a normal speed as well. It’s background is blue. Everything gets more challenging. First half of shoots goes to random directions, and if you want to live, it is better fly in the middle, but don’t forget to catch coins, lifting higher and back immediately. Two coins in the area. The third boss is on the fast speed. The background color is red. Boss shoots in diagonals. There are smaller monsters that appear randomly, from ceiling and floor. To complete the level, pass a gap in the wall.   The main goal is to make it through gigantic head of a monster, which usually looks really like a dragon or T-Rex. Still, it depends on your fantasy limits. The task is complicated by the ability of the giant head to throw fire, ice, lasers at the main character, while this hero is already chased by different deadly objects randomly falling from skies. And that is not all. There is not just one, but three cruel bosses with special abilities in the game. Each of them exists on its own piece of map and waits for you.   Continue Reading