How To Unlock Everything In Geometry Dash 2019 Geometry Dash is a famous game consisting of five apps developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala and is published by his own company, RobTop games. The game is a rhythm-based platformer that which consists of 21 main levels, and around 50 million player-made levels. Since you are looking for the how-to of unlocking every single thing in Geometry Dash, let us skip the basics. In Geometry Dash, there are dozens of unlockables and hidden features. These features include different icons, skins, the Secret Vault, the Treasure Room, The Basement, and some texture packs. The following are the ways that you can unlock every single unlockable in Geometry Dash. How To Unlock All Icons in Steam and Mobile In Geometry Dash, there are dozens of possible icons that can be unlocked. From the Cubes, to the Balls, to the Ships, UFO’s, Spiders and Mini’s. Here are the steps in how to unlock all icons: Finish Levels. The first way of unlocking these icons are finishing both the official and the player-made levels in the game. You can especially collect Cubes after finishing different levels once or sometimes even repeatedly. You can acquire Cubes like ‘Stereo Madness!’, ‘Back on Track!’, and ‘Poltergeist!’ from their respective stages, among others. You can also unlock a ship after completing ‘Clutterfunk’ level in normal mode, a UFO after finishing ‘Clubstep’ in practice mode, a robot after finishing ‘Geometrical Dominator’ and another after ‘Deadlocked’. Connect. The easiest way of unlocking icons. Just by rating the game, subscribing ‘RobTop’ Games on YouTube, you’d be able to get an icon respectively. Collect. Collectible are the most important currency in Geometry dash. You wouldn’t be able to unlock all Ships, Robots, Spiders; You wouldn’t be able to unlock all icons.  Stars can be collected through level completions. Enough of these stars will be able to unlock different icons such as ‘Oh shiny’, ‘More Stars!’, and ‘Star Maniac’. User coins can be acquired through official and player-made stages. User coins are mainly used to open the Vault, but collect enough and you’ll be able to get dozens of icons. Secret coins can be collected by playing through both the main and through map packs. Shards of power can be obtained through daily chests, the Treasure Room, the weekly demon chest, and after completing corresponding gauntlets. Mana Orbs can be acquired from chests, progressing in levels, completing the Bonus Gauntlets, and completing the shard gauntlets while already having 100 shards. It can be used in the community shop to unlock all Robots, icons, trails, and death effects. Diamonds. These can also be collected through chests, gauntlets, playing the daily game and the weekly demon. These can be used in secret shops to unlock all Spiders and other icons as well as to gain achievements.        4. Opening the vault. A lot of users asks how to unlock the vault in Geometry Dash, well it’s easy. Just go to the Settings and look at the upper -right hand corner, you’ll see a gray padlock there if you have less than 10 user coins acquired. To unlock it, you need to collect at least ten coins. Upon opening the vault, you’ll be presented with a text box and a talking padlock. Here are the codes necessary for the padlock:  “Spooky”, “Lenny”, and “(Your Geometry Dash Username)” unlocks Icons “Mule” unlocks a Ship.  “Blockbite” and “Neverending” unlocks UFO’s. “Ahead” unlocks a Wave. Similarly, “8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84” also unlocks a Wave but you need to enter the numbers separately. “Robotop” unlocks a Robot.  “Gandalfpotter” unlocks a Trail  Lastly, “Sparky” unlocks a golden coin. How To Unlock the Demon Guardian Before you can unlock all the icons in the game, you have to unlock the Demon Guardian First. The Guardian is located in the basement, a hidden feature of the game. It is situated through a door at the Vault of Secrets’ lower-right corner, to enter, you have to complete the secret level ‘The Challenge’. After beating The Challenge and entering the basement, after all the dialogue with the Demon Guardian, you’ll be left with 3 colored key holes. One orange, one green, and one blue.  Complete the Demon Gauntlet to acquire the Blue Key.  Open 50 chests at the Treasure Room and open the first large chest to get the Green Key.  The Orange Key can be found in the Chamber of Time. When you’ve gathered the keys and inserted them in the key holes, and after all the dialogue, you’ll be able to acquire a trail, icons, and a death effect. How To Get Rainbow Texture Pack Nobody hates rainbows. Here is a step by step process in installing a Rainbow Texture Pack:  Find a download link for it and download.  When you have downloaded the file, go to the ‘Resources’ file for Geometry Dash.  Replace the file in the destination.  Close the screen and play Geometry Dash. See your new texture pack and enjoy the game!  Use the "High" detail mode for best effects. Unlocking all the Icons in the game can be time-consuming and labor intensive. It will require you to spend hours just to finish a level. But maybe it’s all worth it in the end. Unlocking all Icons, Trails, Death Effects, and levels will earn you all of the bragging rights to your friends and fellow gamers. Acquire the collectibles and look for the hidden features, you’ll be able to gather all of the unlockables within Geometry Dash in the future. Continue Reading How to get stars in Geometry Dash using a simple guide Did you like Geometry in school? Geometry is a rather complicated science, and I believe it’s not easy for everyone, unlike the Geometry Dash. This game has quickly gained a great audience after the Flappy bird disappeared as harshly as it appeared. The popular arcade includes gaining stars to indicate your progress and that's not a quite simple process. How to get stars in Geometry Dash? Let us give you a hint. All you need to know about stars in Geometry Dash game Stars are the basic elements of the Geometry Dash that are available after the 1.3 game update. They are similar to EXP points in most of games and considering the number of users stars the list of the best players is formed. For reaching a particular number of stars, you have to hit different achievements. Stars are also used to complete quest tasks, so the more you get, the more quests you can go through. You get stars when: Pass official levels; Pass a set of levels; Pass the valuable users levels. The number of stars is estimated by the difficulty of the level you complete. The more difficult a passable level or a set of levels, the more stars you gain. Geometry Dash stars rating We’ve created a simple chart of stars rating. It shows how much stars you get per user level and official level. Difficulty level    Stars per user level Stars per official level Auto Easy Normal Hard Very hard Mad Demon 1 2 3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10   none 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-10 10-12 14-15 What is the difference between users and official levels in Geometry Dash? The Geometry Dash game based on an arcade platform, and it can look like a simple when you try it for the first time. You get a character that can only jump when you tap it and there are various platforms or geometry figures that should be passed. Now, remember the Flappy Bird or The Impossible Game. Can you say it’s easy? Moreover, there are levels to go through. Official difficulty levels are indicated by emojis that show users how difficult a particular level is to complete. In total there are 7 levels of difficulty. When you pass a level, you can gain a different number of stars, mana and diamonds spheres, depending on the level difficulty. The completed Demon levels are usually counted separately. User Levels are the levels that are created and edited by players. In the desktop Geometry Dash game version, each player can create a level using a map editor. Users are also gaining stars and diamonds for passing these levels. The user levels can be shared and published with other players. But, before publishing the creation, the author must pass his level in normal mode without using the starting point shifts in the level editor. You can see the progress of completing both official and user levels at any time in the main menu.   Continue Reading